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Craps History

On this page we tell you where this simple fast and exciting dice game came from.

The Story Begins

Like many games the origin of Craps is shrowded in mystery and lost in the mists of time,
on this page we will tell you about some of the possible origins.

The Arab connection

There are many ancient bone rolling games / rituals that were used to predict the will of the Gods,
could this be where it all started?

The Romans

Ancient Romans had Dice and so may well have been the source of the game,
weither they were the source or not a Dice game worked its way across mainland Europe to England
where a game simular to Craps developed.

The English game (Hazard)

A game called Hazard was played by the rich in England it gave the house a high advantage,
but this game went with the early settlers to America and like many imports it evolved in the melting pot.

All's Fair - well almost

It is believed that Craps was developed as a fairer version of Hazard
taking its name from Crabs the term given for rolling two Aces in Hazard.

And in the end - well so far

Craps took over from Faro as the main gambling game in American Casinos
and is now the most popular dice game in the world.

A popularity that is growing and growing with the increasing popularity of online gaming – Millions of people are now able to enjoy online craps from the comfort of their own home.


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