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This review of an online casino information web site will certainly be of interest to any craps players as well as players of other casino games from South Africa, its that of a South African Casinos web site.

The site provides the visitor with information and reviews of online casinos which are ideally suited to South African casino players. Each casino is given a rating of 1 to 5 stars. They provide an overview each casino as well as screen shots of specific games and other information tables of current promotional offers, accepted payment methods as well as ownership and contact details of each of the online casinos. In there rating and reviews they also take into account the design and layout and user friendliness of the casinos, as well casino software type and importantly as the casino game selection.

Interestingly they also provide information on South African land based casinos. For each casino you can read an overview to learn a little more about it. There's also a photo which show how amazing some of this casinos actually are. For some you will also be provided location and map information, which is certainly useful if you ever plan to visit one of these amazing destinations.

Also provided on the site is general information about South African Sports betting and also South African Horse racing. As well as these overviews they also have sections of for each, firstly the latest South AFrican Sports Betting news and another section for the latest South African Horse racing news.

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